Hope Ogunbamiyo

Senior Accountant
email - 612.278.0143

Hope was born in Providence, Rhode Island.  Her family lived in Bakersfield, CA for a period of time, before moving to Mankato, MN. They moved to the Twin Cities when she was fairly young, and Hope grew up in South Minneapolis. She now lives in Brooklyn Park with her husband, son (6), and daughter (17).  She is a total book worm, and her passion is photography.  She ran her own photography business for a few years, and still do jobs occasionally.  The cultures of Art, Music, and Film, are huge in her family. She fell into accounting completely by accident about 20 years ago, and has worked in the field since. She is the oldest of three children, and the only girl. She’s am very laid back, and have quite the sense of humor. With a passion for her community, she strives every day to make positive impact.